Picture of  Lori Bradford

Lori Bradford PhD Assistant Professor | Joint Appointment Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development

Room 2A20, Engineering

Research Area(s)

  • Indigenous water knowledge
  • Water policy
  • Water empathy
  • Social determinants of health
  • Engaged scholarship

Selected Publications

Thapa, A., Bradford, L., Strickert, G., Yu, X., Johnston, A. and Watson-Daniels, K., 2019. “Garbage in, Garbage Out” Does Not Hold True for Indigenous Community Flood Extent Modeling in the Prairie Pothole Region. Water11(12), p.2486.

Bradford, L. E., Ovsenek, N., & Bharadwaj, L. A. (2017). Indigenizing water governance in Canada. In Water policy and governance in Canada (pp. 269-298). Springer, Cham.

Mantyka-Pringle, C.S., Jardine, T.D., Bradford, L., Bharadwaj, L., Kythreotis, A.P., Fresque-Baxter, J., Kelly, E., Somers, G., Doig, L.E., Jones, P.D. and Lindenschmidt, K.E., 2017. Bridging science and traditional knowledge to assess cumulative impacts of stressors on ecosystem health. Environment international102, pp.125-137.

Bradford, L. E., Bharadwaj, L. A., Okpalauwaekwe, U., & Waldner, C. L. 2016. Drinking water quality in Indigenous communities in Canada and health outcomes: a scoping review. International journal of circumpolar health75(1), 32336.

Steelman, T., Nichols, E.G., James, A., Bradford, L., Ebersöhn, L., Scherman, V., Omidire, F., Bunn, D.N., Twine, W. and McHale, M.R., 2015. Practicing the science of sustainability: the challenges of transdisciplinarity in a developing world context. Sustainability Science10(4), pp.581-599.