Picture of  Irena  Creed

Irena Creed PhD, FRSC Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability

Associate Vice-President Research
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Research Area(s)

  • Ecosystem science
  • Ecosystem services
  • Global change

Academic Credentials

  • PhD in Geography, University of Toronto
  • MSc in Botany and Environmental Sciences, University of Toronto
  • BSc in Zoology (Honours), University of Toronto

Selected Publications

Ameli, A. and Creed, I.F.  2017.  Quantifying hydrologic connectivity of wetlands to surface water systems. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21: 1791–1808.  https://doi.org/10.5194/hess-21-1791-2017

Ameli, A.A., Erlandsson, M., Beven, K., Creed, I.F., McDonnell, J., and Bishop, K.  2017.  Primary weathering rates, transit times and C-Q relationships: A theoretical analysis combining particle tracking and a simple dissolution rate law. Water Resources Research, 53: 942-960.  https://doi.org/10.1002/2016WR019448

Ellison, D., Morris, C.E., Locatelli, B., Sheil, D., Cohen, J., Murdiyarso, D., Gutierrez, V., van Noordwijk, M., Creed, I.F., Pokorny, J., Gaveau, D., Spracklen, D., Bargués Tobella, A., Ilstedt, U., Teuling, R., Gebreyohannis Gebrehiwot, S., Sands, D.C., Muys, B., Verbist, B., Springgay, E., Sugandi, Y., and Sullivan, C.A.  2017.  Trees, forest, and water: cool new insights for a hot world. Global Environmental Change, 43: 51-61. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2017.01.002

Potvin, C., Divya, S., Creed, I.F. Aitken, S., Anctil, F., Bennett, E., Berkes, F., Bernstein, S., Bleau, N., Bourque, A., Brown, B., Burch, S., Byrne, J., Cunsolo, A., Dale, A., de Lange, D., Dyck, B., Entz, M., Etcheverry, J., Faucher, R., Fenech, A., Fraser, L., Henriques, I., Heyland, A., Hoffmann, M., Hoberg, G., Holden, M., Huang, G., Jacob, A.L., Jodoin, S., Kemper, A., Lucotte, M., Maranger, R., Margolis, L., Mauro, A., McDonnell, J., Meadowcroft, J., Messier, C., Mkandawire, M., Morency, C., Mousseau, N., Oakes, K., Otto, S., Palmater, P., Palmer, T.S., Paquin, D., Perl, A., Potvin, A., Ramos, H., Raudsepp-Hearne, C., Richards, N., Robinson, J., Sheppard, S., Simard, S., Sinclair, B.J., Slawinski, N., Stoddart, M., Villard, M.-A., Villeneuve, C., and Wright, T.  2017.  Stimulating a Canadian Narrative for Climate. FACETS, 2: 131-149. https://doi.org/10.1139/facets-2016-0029

Stackpoole, S.M., Stets, E.G., Clow, D.W., Burns, D.A., Aiken, G.R., Aulenbach, B.T., Creed, I.F., Hirsch, R.M., Laudon, H., Pellerin, B.A., and Striegl, R.G.  2017.  Spatial and temporal patterns of dissolved organic matter quantity and quality in the Mississippi River Basin, 1997-2013. Hydrological Processes, 31(4): 902-915.  https://doi.org/10.1002/hyp.11072