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Li Xu PhD Postdoctoral Fellow

Li Xu holds a PhD in Environmental Science from Curtin University in Australia and a Master in Management Science and Engineering from Hohai University of China. Prior to joining the School of Environment and Sustainability and the Global Institute for Water Security, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Environment and Society in Tokyo Institute of Technology. His research interests generally lie in the fields of: 1) Complex systems analysis with specific focuses on socio-hydrology and social-ecological systems of rivers and lakes; 2) Sustainability and resilience sciences and their integration; 3) Risk assessment and management in response to natural disasters; and 4) Science-policy interface in environmental contexts. At GIWS, Li's specific research focuses on socio-hydrological resilience of Canadian Prairies in response to agricultural drainage.

Faculty supervisors: Howard Wheater and Patricia Gober