Graham Fairhurst PhD Research Facilitator

Picture of  Charlotte Hampton

Charlotte Hampton Financial and Administrative Assistant

Picture of  Karsten Liber

Karsten Liber PhD Executive Director (Interim), School of Environment and Sustainability

Research Area(s): Mining impacts and metal bioavailability and toxicity in aquatic ecosystems, Sediment contamination and associated impacts on benthic invertebrate communities, Water quality assessment and derivation of water and sediment quality guidelines, Use of autonomous water quality sensor systems for delineating effluent exposure and ecological risk in industrially impacted freshwater systems, Pesticide ecotoxicology, particularly pesticide impact on aquatic life

Picture of  Tracey McHardy

Tracey McHardy Strategic Business Advisor (Finance)

Picture of  Carolyn Pytlyk

Carolyn Pytlyk PhD Manager, Academic Programs

Christine Schwark Strategic Business Advisor (Human Resources)

Communications, SENS

Picture of  Derek Tiessen

Derek Tiessen International Programs Specialist

Media Relations, USask