Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainability


In this video, students talk about what the certificate is all about and how it has complemented their degree program.

Coordinated through SENS, the Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainability enriches a student's current degree program and helps them stand out from the crowd following graduation. By providing significant exposure to sustainability-related concepts and practices, students gain an understanding of how to integrate human-environmental systems within our current reality and how to critically evaluate sustainability efforts. Students choose their elective courses from one of three areas of focus: natural resources and sustainabilitycommunity and sustainability or food systems and sustainability.

Graduate Leah Luciuk has this advice for students considering adding the certificate to their degree program. Leah is the Energy Education Programmer for the Saskatchewan Environmental Society in Saskatoon. She also works for the Government of Saskatchewan as a Park Interpreter:

“Play to your strengths. I found the certificate to be very flexible and there is something for everyone. Without [the certificate] and SENS, I would not be the person I am today, nor would I have the knowledge and skills that have helped me make a difference in the current economy. The ENVS 401 course was the highlight of my time at university, and professors Colin Laroque and Philip Loring genuinely inspired me to ask the students I work with now to think differently, just as I was asked to look at sustainability through different lenses during the ENVS 401 course."