Problem-oriented research and community-engaged learning are hallmarks of SENS. Many of our faculty have research partnerships with local, provincial, national and international agencies and organizations. As a school, we have Memorandums of Understanding with multiple organizations. Collaboration among the faculty is high, with the majority of our faculty working with each other in research, teaching or other activities. MSEM and MWS students work with a variety of organizations to complete service-learning oriented research projects.

Our research is focused on three key areas:

  • sustainable ecosystems
  • sustainable communities
  • water security

Our faculty, students and researchers work at the interface of these priorities, in these broad areas: 

  • water and communities
  • renewable energy in remote and Indigenous communities
  • environmental policy and governance
  • adapting to environmental change
  • using traditional and local knowledge
  • human impacts on environmental quality 
  • sustainable natural resource development

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