Scholarship Program Overview

In 2012, Canada celebrated the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne. Support was rallied from government and the private and public sectors to fund an inspiring new scholarship initiative in her honour: the Canadian Queen Elizabeth Scholarships program.

This program represents a unique opportunity for Canadian students and Canadian universities. The goal of our program is to develop global citizens ready to work on the challenges of deteriorating planetary health through enriched academic, professional, and cross-cultural experiences. 

Students selected for the scholarship program will be named “Queen Elizabeth Scholars” (QES) and will engage with communities across the Commonwealth, learn about cultures and create projects and actions that impact the world. They will build lasting relationships among their peers and with the communities that they serve and achieve personal and professional growth. Through the global community of Queen Elizabeth Scholars, they will share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on meaningful initiatives.

Queen Elizabeth Scholars will become the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, inventors and leaders. Through this unique international exchange of talent, students will enrich their communities and discover that anything is possible.

Program Context

1.      Queen Elizabeth Scholars will receive $7,000 for internships between 90-180 days (excluding travel days as well as orientation days) with a partner organization in Africa.

2.      Queen Elizabeth Scholars will contribute $1,500 towards the cost of the experiential learning experiences. Additional scholarship opportunities may be available to students who choose to apply.

3.      Current participating African Commonwealth countries: Ghana, Kenya, Uganda

4.      Queen Elizabeth Scholars must complete the following components:

  • Sessions on topics such as culture, ethics, participatory engagement and language training
  • A practicum that includes: a three-week project course and a three-month immersive practicum (a minimum of 90 days*) in the African country

* Student must stay in the African country for a minimum of 90 days. If the student does not complete 90 days, all of the funds must be returned to University of Saskatchewan.

Application Criteria

  • Open to University of Saskatchewan students from: the School of Environment and Sustainability, the School of Public Health, the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.  While preference will be given to graduate students, senior undergraduate students (in third or fourth year) will also be considered.
  • Must have a minimum average of 78% in last 24 months of full time education.
  • Must participate in both courses and the two components of the practicum.
  • Must have citizenship from Canada, be proficient in English, be able to travel internationally.
  • Must be age 35 years or under at the time of application.

Application process

  1. Submit completed application package:
    1. Unofficial academic transcripts from your postsecondary education. Official transcripts from the institutions other than the University of Saskatchewan will be required if accepted.

    2. Letter of support from a uSask faculty mentor, stating how the QES program will benefit the student, improve and fit with their graduate research, and how the student’s research aligns with Planetary Health and the QES program.

    3. One-page (max.) statement of interest including personal goals and rationale for being part of the QES program. 

    4. Signed QES Community Engagement Form confirming the commitment to participating in all QES program activities.

  2. Short listed candidates will be interviewed. 
  3. Students selected for the scholarships must also apply for Global Engagement Scholarships. The office will submit the application on behalf of the students. Further information on this award is available here
  4. If you are a graduate student from the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, you can apply for the Education Enhancement Grants.  If you are an undergraduate student, you can apply for the W. Murray Riddell and Betty C. Riddell Scholarship

QES Information Session: November 7th @ 12:30-1:30pm in 2C71 Agriculture Building Please visit here and here for updated information.  

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  November 15, 2018 

Please submit your electronic applications in pdf format by the deadline. If you have questions, please contact Jun Li, Academic Programs Specialist of School of Environment and Sustainability at or phone number: 306-966-6756.

We expect to have a decision within two weeks of the application deadline.