SENS Graduate Community Repository

The SENS Graduate Community Repository is an initiative that facilitates peer-to-peer learning among current and future students through an online portal. It is an opportunity to view and share successful funding applications, ethics applications, teaching tips, survival strategies for comprehensive exams, presentation and writing skills, and much more. All SENS students are highly encouraged to upload any of your own resources that you think may be helpful to other students.

Please contact with any questions, comments or issues with access.

Graduate Student Handbook

The SENS student handbook provides a broad overview of the school for new and returning students. Details about our faculty, staff, courses, and administrative guidelines for our four programs are outlined in the handbook, as well as information on University of Saskatchewan services and policies.

International Students

SENSSA (the SENS students' association) has prepared a fantastic handbook for our international students. Moving to a new country can be fun, exciting, intimidating and challenging all at once. Our hope is that this handbook will help you negotiate some of the mysteries of living in your new country.

The International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC) provides resources and services for international and exchange students, including information on immigrating and applying for residency, obtaining a social insurance number (SIN), volunteering on campus and improving your English. 

Additionally, the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has a wealth of resources for international students, including information on funding, admissions and language requirements.

Connecting With Your Supervisor

Do you have questions about funding, research responsibilities or program management? The College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has produced a document identifying the roles and responsibilities between you and your graduate supervisor.

Student Travel Award

SENS can provide financial assistance to graduate students who wish to participate in academic-related conferences and other formal academic activities. Students are also encouraged to apply for the College of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Research travel award and other appropriate sources of travel funding. 

Please note that funding for this initiative varies from fiscal year to fiscal year.