School of Environment and Sustainability Students' Association

The SENSSA Executive 2017 - 18

The School of Environment and Sustainability Students' Association (SENSSA) is made up of students from the University of Saskatchewan's School of Environment and Sustainability. SENSSA serves to:

  • provide for the administration of the activities of the students within SENSSA,
  • promote the unity and welfare of students within SENSSA,
  • further the intellectual, cultural and social activities of students within SENSSA,
  • promote and maintain communication with graduate students within the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) of the University of Saskatchewan, and
  • promote sustainability in all of its endeavours.

2017 - 18 SENSSA Executive

Position Name
President Jaylene Murray
Vice-President Michelle Wauchope-Thompson
Secretary Heidi Walker
Treasurer Gbolahan Jibodu
Sustainable Food Projects Coordinator Petergaye Gilliard
Sustainable Food Projects Coordinator Glenna Gannon
Web & Communications Coordinator Palash Sanyal
Councillor Ashleigh Duffy
Councillor Kristen Hargis
Councillor Viktoria Hinz