School of Environment and Sustainability Students' Association

The SENSSA Executive 2018 - 19

The School of Environment and Sustainability Students' Association (SENSSA) is made up of students from the University of Saskatchewan's School of Environment and Sustainability. SENSSA serves to:

  • provide for the administration of the activities of the students within SENSSA,
  • promote the unity and welfare of students within SENSSA,
  • further the intellectual, cultural and social activities of students within SENSSA,
  • promote and maintain communication with graduate students within the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) of the University of Saskatchewan, and
  • promote sustainability in all of its endeavours.

2018 - 19 SENSSA Executive

Position Name
President Omar Farag
Vice-President Peter Friedrichsen
Treasurer Isaac Owolabi
Treasurer Yvonne Ruhumbika
Secretary Maria Mora
Sustainable Food Projects Laila Belkhi 
Sustainable Food Projects Constanza Mora
Webmaster Kristen Hargis
Health and Wellbeing Viktoria Hinz
Health and Wellbeing Callie Fishburn
Climate Action Belizario Carballo
Climate Action Alina Ostrowska