At the School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS), we value and foster relationships with partner organizations and communities. Our dedication to problem-oriented and engaged scholarship provides our students with an environment that stimulates discovery and allows them to apply sustainability principles by working directly with communities in ways that truly make a difference.

2019-20 Project Partners

Symposium 2020 Winners

First Place

Joseph Besl: Video not available.

Second Place

Kelvin Altraide: Culvert Assessment & Flood Modelling in Rural Saskatchewan

Third Place

Kellie Rana: Urban Agriculture for Food & Community


Brandon Stoner: Delineating Aquifer Resources on Yellow Quill First Nation & James Smith Cree Nation

Fourth Place

Barbara Boateng: Market Opportunities for Recycled Plastics in Rural Saskatchewan

(4-way tie)

Ekikere Elijah: Proposed Land Reclamation Guidelines for Active & Abandoned Aggregate Pits in Saskatchewan
Layane Fernandes de Sousa Moura: Energy Efficiency Education
Darby Lush: An Analysis of the Green Building Industry


Contact SENS if you have questions or are interested in creating a partnership with us. For placement information or inquiries, please email sens.placements@usask.ca.