Adjunct Faculty

Alexander Bond Senior Curator in Charge, Bird Group, Department of Life Sciences, The Natural History Museum (United Kingdom)

Allison Henderson Wildlife Ecologist, Government of Saskatchewan

Research Keywords: Grassland ecology; prairie conservation; human dimensions of wildlife management; conservation planning

Andrew Harwood Fisheries Scientist and Project Manager, Ecofish Research

Research keywords: Fish ecology; effects of resource development and climate change on aquatic ecosystems; instream flow; integrated water resource management; environmental monitoring; biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems; fish habitat compensation

Elaine Wheaton Senior Research Scientist, Saskatchewan Research Council

Research keywords: Climate change impacts, adaptations, hazards, and vulnerability; drought; water resources

Garth van der Kamp Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Research keywords: Groundwater-surface interactions; groundwater resource evaluation; groundwater flow and solute transport; hydrology of wetlands

George Sherk Consultant

Research keywords: Law; environmental and natural resources law and policy; environmental management and environmental health

Glenn Benoy Senior Water Quality and Ecosystem Advisor, International Joint Commission (Canadian Section)

Research keywords: Boundary waters; environmental science; integrated water resources management; limnology; science diplomacy; transboundary watersheds; water quality modelling

Gun Lidestav Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Research keywords: Family forestry and cooperatives; community forestry and forest commons; gender analysis; rural development

Hans Peterson Safe Drinking Water Foundation, Saskatchewan

Research keywords: Drinking water and wastewater treatment; surface and groundwater; water treatment evaluations

Jean-Michel DeVink Senior Environmental Scientist, Stantec

Research keywords: wildlife: ecology: toxicology; environmental assessment; environmental effects monitoring; landscape ecology; land-use change

Jeffrey Sereda Senior Habitat and Population Ecologist, Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

Research keywords: Fish ecology; water quality; aquatic biogeochemistry; impacts of ultraviolet radiation on aquatic ecosystems; aquatic microbial ecology

John Mark Davies Water Quality Scientist, Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

Resesarch keywords: Water quality; aquatic nutrient dynamics; eutrophication; cyanotoxins; saline lakes; primary productivity; land-use water quality linkages; lake and reservoir management

Keith Hobson Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Research keywords: Avian conservation and ecology; animal migration; foodweb dynamics; nutrient flux; stable isotopes (methods, development and applications)

Kenji Kitamura Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan

Research keywords: Integrated local environmental knowledge; protected areas; common property regime; participatory learning and action

Kwok Pan (Sun) Chun Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Research keywords: Earth systems; hydrology and climatology; numerical modelling; statistical methods and stochastic processes; environmental hazards and disasters; global changes

Mark Johnston Saskatchewan Research Council

Research keywords: Sustainable forest management; forest ecosystem modeling; climate change and forest management; forest carbon management; agroforestry; forest governance models; community forestry in developing countries

Merle Massie Historian, Writer, Editor and Farmer

Research keywords: Local, rural and environmental history

Michael Hill Wetland and Wildlife Ecologist, SNC-Lavalin

Research keywords: Wetlands; watershed planning; landscape ecology; wetland restoration; waterfowl ecology; ecological goods and services

Monique Simair President and Principal Scientist, Contango Strategies

Research keywords: Environmental microbiology; cleantech; biogeochemistry; microbial ecology (including metagenomics); bioremediation; biomining; bioinformatics; integrative research

Murray Bentham Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Research keywords: GHG emissions inventory; agroforestry; agri-environmental indicators

Murray MacKay Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Research keywords: Climate adaptation; climate change and processes; climate modelling; Great Lakes; water quantity

Naveed Khaliq National Research Council of Canada

Research keywords: Climate modelling; drought research

Rory McIntosh Provincial Forest Entomologist and Pathologist, Government of Saskatchewan

Research keywords: Chemical and behavioural forest insect ecology; forest pest management; Mountain pine beetle ecology and management; Pest management; Spruce budworm ecology and management; strategic planning; policy development; urban forest pest management

Scott Higgins Research Scientist, International Institute for Sustainable Development

Research Keywords: Freshwater Ecology; limnology; algal Ecology; climate change effects; eutrophication; ecosystem ecology

Solomon Amuno Technical Advisor, Nunavut Impact Review Board

Research keywords: Contaminant biomonitoring in arctic ecosystems; environmental quality assessment in polar environments; natural resource development in the Canadian high arctic; aboriginal communities and environmental impact assessment in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Greenland.

Steve Chapra Professor, Tufts University

Research keywords: Water quality modelling; numerical methods; advanced computer applications in environmental engineering

Tetsu Sato Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Research keywords: Local environmental studies; conservation ecology