Adjunct Faculty

Solomon Amuno PhD Technical Advisor, Nunavut Impact Review Board

Research keywords: Contaminant biomonitoring in arctic ecosystems; environmental quality assessment in polar environments; natural resource development in the Canadian high arctic; aboriginal communities and environmental impact assessment in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Greenland.

Glenn Benoy PhD Senior Water Quality and Ecosystem Advisor, International Joint Commission (Canadian Section)

Research keywords: Boundary waters; environmental science; integrated water resources management; limnology; science diplomacy; transboundary watersheds; water quality modelling

Murray Bentham PhD Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Research keywords: GHG emissions inventory; agroforestry; agri-environmental indicators

Alexander Bond PhD Senior Curator in Charge, Bird Group, Department of Life Sciences, The Natural History Museum (United Kingdom)

Picture of  Sarah Breen

Sarah Breen PhD Senior Policy Analyst, Government of British Columbia

Research Keywords: rural development, regional development, water governance, water management, agricultural drainage

Steve Chapra PhD Professor, Tufts University

Research keywords: Water quality modelling; numerical methods; advanced computer applications in environmental engineering

Kwok Pan (Sun) Chun PhD Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Research keywords: Earth systems; hydrology and climatology; numerical modelling; statistical methods and stochastic processes; environmental hazards and disasters; global changes

John Mark Davies PhD Water Quality Scientist, Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

Resesarch keywords: Water quality; aquatic nutrient dynamics; eutrophication; cyanotoxins; saline lakes; primary productivity; land-use water quality linkages; lake and reservoir management

Jean-Michel DeVink PhD Senior Environmental Scientist, Dillon Consulting Ltd.

Research keywords: wildlife: ecology: toxicology; environmental assessment; environmental effects monitoring; landscape ecology; land-use change

Andrew Harwood PhD Fisheries Scientist and Project Manager, Ecofish Research

Research keywords: Fish ecology; effects of resource development and climate change on aquatic ecosystems; instream flow; integrated water resource management; environmental monitoring; biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems; fish habitat compensation

Allison Henderson PhD Wildlife Ecologist, Government of Saskatchewan

Research Keywords: Grassland ecology; prairie conservation; human dimensions of wildlife management; conservation planning

Scott Higgins PhD Research Scientist, International Institute for Sustainable Development

Research Keywords: Freshwater Ecology; limnology; algal Ecology; climate change effects; eutrophication; ecosystem ecology

Michael Hill PhD Wetland and Wildlife Ecologist, SNC-Lavalin

Research keywords: Wetlands; watershed planning; landscape ecology; wetland restoration; waterfowl ecology; ecological goods and services

Keith Hobson PhD Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Research keywords: Avian conservation and ecology; animal migration; foodweb dynamics; nutrient flux; stable isotopes (methods, development and applications)

Mark Johnston PhD Saskatchewan Research Council

Research keywords: Sustainable forest management; forest ecosystem modeling; climate change and forest management; forest carbon management; agroforestry; forest governance models; community forestry in developing countries

Naveed Khaliq PhD National Research Council of Canada

Research keywords: Climate modelling; drought research

Kenji Kitamura PhD Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan

Research keywords: Integrated local environmental knowledge; protected areas; common property regime; participatory learning and action

Gun Lidestav PhD Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Research keywords: Family forestry and cooperatives; community forestry and forest commons; gender analysis; rural development

Picture of  Philip A. Loring

Philip A. Loring PhD Arrell Chair and Associate Professor, University of Guelph

Bin Luo PhD Senior Hydrologic Engineer, Manitoba Infrastructure

Research Keywords: Small watershed hydrology; hydrological statistics; agricultural drainage; and river and lake ice.

Murray MacKay PhD Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Research keywords: Climate adaptation; climate change and processes; climate modelling; Great Lakes; water quantity

Merle Massie PhD Historian, Writer, Editor and Farmer

Research keywords: Local, rural and environmental history

Rory McIntosh PhD Provincial Forest Entomologist and Pathologist, Government of Saskatchewan

Research keywords: Chemical and behavioural forest insect ecology; forest pest management; Mountain pine beetle ecology and management; Pest management; Spruce budworm ecology and management; strategic planning; policy development; urban forest pest management

Tetsu Sato PhD Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Research keywords: Local environmental studies; conservation ecology

Jeffrey Sereda PhD Senior Habitat and Population Ecologist, Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

Research keywords: Fish ecology; water quality; aquatic biogeochemistry; impacts of ultraviolet radiation on aquatic ecosystems; aquatic microbial ecology

George Sherk PhD Consultant

Research keywords: Law; environmental and natural resources law and policy; environmental management and environmental health

Monique Simair PhD President and Principal Scientist, Contango Strategies

Research keywords: Environmental microbiology; cleantech; biogeochemistry; microbial ecology (including metagenomics); bioremediation; biomining; bioinformatics; integrative research

Garth van der Kamp PhD Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Research keywords: Groundwater-surface interactions; groundwater resource evaluation; groundwater flow and solute transport; hydrology of wetlands

Elaine Wheaton Senior Research Scientist, Saskatchewan Research Council

Research keywords: Climate change impacts, adaptations, hazards, and vulnerability; drought; water resources