75th Anniversary Recruitment Scholarships

As part of a university-wide program, SENS is pleased to announce the creation of several “75th Anniversary Recruitment Scholarships” for exceptional students wishing to enroll in a thesis program (PhD or MES) in the School. The program guarantees a limited number of students a stipend of $30,000 (PhD students) or $25,000 (MES students) for their first year and a minimum stipend of $27,000 (PhD—for two more years) and $25,000 (MES—for one more year) thereafter (subject to change). Higher stipends and longer durations may be negotiated with the chosen faculty advisor. All regular rules for application to a SENS thesis program remain in effect.

Other Opportunities

There are a variety of funding sources for graduate students at Usask. Many students are supported by a combination of awards, fellowships, or scholarships from university wide competitions, department specific opportunities, and national or external awards.

Student Travel Award

Updated information about the Student Travel Award coming soon.