Welcome to the SENS 2023 Spring Research Symposium! This symposium is a chance for SENS M.E.S. and Ph.D. students to present their work, using the 3-minute thesis format.

We will be using this Zoom link for all parts of the symposim. You can leave and rejoin using the same link.  

Presentations are judged on their quality and clarity by SENS faculty, staff, students, and guests. Please use this form to rate student presentations. The top choices are awarded a small prize and bragging rights. You can also view a showcase of last year's presentations on this page


March 29, 2023

9:30 AM

Opening remarks and welcome from Elder Gary Carriere of Cumberland House (Zoom)

9:40 AM

SENS Alumni Ambassador Talk by Shashank Kumar, Environmental Scientist, Arcadis (Zoom)

9:55 AM

Alumni Ambassador Q&A (Zoom)

10:00 AM

Keynote Talk by Dr. Angela Bedard-Haughn, Dean and Professor, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan (Zoom)

10:20 AM

Keynote Q&A (Zoom)

10:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Viewing of Recorded Presentations & Lunch (Panopto)

1:00 PM

Concurrent Presentation Q&A Sessions (Zoom)

2:30 PM

Wrap-up and Awards (Zoom)

Concurrent Q&A Sessions

Please note that session A and session B will both start at 1pm. The two concurrent sessions will be set up as breakout rooms. 

Students will provide a short (60 sec) reminder of their work, then the session chair will open the floor to questions. 

Please don't forget to use this judging form to rate student presentations.

1:00 PM  SESSION A - Chair: Oscar Zapata (Zoom)

Student Presentation title Degree Supervisor(s)
Virginia Moreno  Social acceptability of Bioenergy: Exploring community members’ preferences over attributes of energy projects MES  Oscar Zapata
Daniela Álava Loza 

Conceptual framework to better understand the energy needs that promote social wellbeing of remote Indigenous communities. Case study in
PukaYaku and Campus, two Andwa communities located on the Bobonaza river shores, in the Ecuadorian rainforest
MES  Oscar Zapata &
Greg Poelzer
Derek Eisner Sustainable Indigenous Housing and
Community Development
PhD  Lori Bradford
Shivangi Jha Turning Trash into Treasure  PhD  Oscar Zapata
Bringing Animal Voices to the Table:
Interspecies Communication Methods in Land Management 
MES  MJ Barrett
Ethan Doney The Complicating Dimensions of Positive
Attitudes Toward Wildlife 
PhD  Douglas Clark

 1:00 PM SESSION B - Chair: Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt (Zoom)

Student Presentation title Degree Supervisor(s)
Modeling the Water Quality of Lake
Diefenbaker Under Projected Climate
MES Karl-Erich
Melika Makremati Hydrological Balance in Moose Mountain Provincial Park MES Karl-Erich
Jacqueline Twilley Understanding Links Between Flow Regime and Fish Populations in the Saskatchewan River Delta  MES Timothy Jardine
& Eva Enders
Ayden Draude Salt transport and accumulation under a
changing climate in the prairies 
MES Andrew Ireson &
Colin Whitfield
Xiaowen Ji (by email) Development of a passive sampling strategy for monitoring of organic pollutants and their impacts in aquatic systems PhD Markus Brinkmann