Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve. Photo Credit: Vladimir Kricsfalusy

Redberry Biosphere Review

MES candidate Ashleigh Duffy is the SENS correspondent for the Redberry Biosphere Review newsletter

Ashleigh Duffy

The following is an excerpt from the Redberry Lake Biosphere Review: 

The Redberry Lake Biosphere, thanks to the efforts of past-chair Andy Hawrysh and executive director John Kindrachuk over a decade ago, enjoys a close relationship with the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan. Ashleigh Duffy, studying there for a Master's degree, took a special interest in our community and agreed to serve as our Correspondent at the University. By way of introduction, here is what Ms Duffy had to say:

To the Redberry and District communities:

My name is Ashleigh Duffy and I am researching prairie water at the University of Saskatchewan. I grew up raising bison in Alberta and my first driving lesson was on a tractor so it was a treat to visit you. After working in environmental consulting I began my masters at the U of S. My goal is to help policy grow from people on the ground. They know what works and what doesn't.
It was a privilege to learn from you. To be showed Saskatchewan through your eyes provides students with perspective. I come from a farming background and it was thrilling to witness how you welcomed the students into the classroom of real life. The values that are a part of your everyday are why we do our research, be it in horticulture, economics, or something else. It is difficult to explain how important your relationship is with the U of S so all I'll say is "thank you". Thank you for your time, for your wisdom, and your honest unfiltered opinions about how the land should be managed.
"People often think negatively about environmental impacts. They dwell on fears, which are part of a natural instinct for survival. What's important is to recognize the new opportunities of being connected over large distances... we don't have to like our neighbors, but we need them. If I water your cattle, you'll check my fences when I'm gone."

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