SENS faculty awarded Global Water Futures Funding

Global Water Futures (GWF), the world’s largest university-led freshwater research program, has announced 21 new projects across Canada—valued at over $10 million in total—to address critical water security challenges, from the melt of mountain glaciers and the thaw of northern permafrost, to prairie food production, river basin prediction and the health of the Great Lakes.

Congratulations to the following SENS recipients:

  1. Collaborative Modelling Framework for Water Futures and Holistic Human Health Effects, Lalita Bharadwaj, University of Saskatchewan
  2. Omic and Chemical Fingerprinting Methodologies using Ultrahigh-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Geochemistry and Healthy Waters, Paul Jones, University of Saskatchewan
  3. Short‐Duration Extreme Precipitation in Future Climate, Yanping Li, University of Saskatchewan
  4. Diagnosing Policy and Governance Effectiveness for Agricultural Water Management During Times of Change, Philip Loring, University of Saskatchewan
  5. Crowdsourcing Water Science, Graham Strickert, University of Saskatchewan
  6. Adaptation Governance and Policy Changes in Relation to a Changing Moisture Regime Across the Southern Boreal Forest, Colin Laroque, University of Saskatchewan
  7. Hydrological Processes in Frozen Soils, Andrew Ireson, University of Saskatchewan 

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