(From left to right) Sopan Kurkute, Mahtab Nazarbakhsh, Prabin Rokaya, Fan Zhang, Razi Sheikholeslami

What shapes sustainability?

SENS PhD students review factors that shape sustainability in new paper.

Prabin Rokaya, Razi Sheikholeslami, Sopan Kurkute, Mahtab Nazarbakhsh, Fan Zhang, and faculty member Maureen Reed published a paper in the journal Sustainability Science, titled Multiple factors that shaped sustainability science journal: a 10-year review. 

All the published articles from 2006 to 2015 were reviewed in this study using qualitative and quantitative methods to (a) assess scope, diversity, and representativeness in the publications, (b) analyse the trends and dominance in the content, and (c) evaluate cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge transfer along with the practice of transdisciplinarity in sustainability science research. The team's assessment shows that the journal has transformed from publishing more uniform contributions into a more diverse international journal demonstrating greater breadth in the range of contributing authors, case studies, and field of studies.

Read the full article here
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