Class of Spring 2018

Congratulations to the latest scholars to join the SENS alumni community.

On June 5, 2018, these SENS students will graduate and join an elite group of alumni who help to tackle the most pressing challenges facing our planet. This includes complex problems such as how we will ensure water security for a growing global population, identify what it means to have a sustainable community, and to sustain ecosystems into the future.

The following graduands will receive their diplomas on Tuesday. Congratulations on this momentous achievement!

Certificate in Sustainability
Oluwaseun Ajose-Adeogun
Jessica Best
Kimberley Bruce
Teri Calver
Wenjie Chi
Courtney Clarke
Lauren Dyck
Nicholas Fagnou
Anna Jacobsen
Mandie Jenson
Sarah Kent
Joshua Lange
Trevor Looman
Brittany Neumeier
Emily Rogal
Kendall Scott
Robin Smith
Maria Sonntag
Daniel Topp
Jacklyn Waronek
Layton Willick

Master of Environment and Sustainability
Sujata Budhathoki
Lorelei Ford
Bethany Templeton

Master of Sustainable Environmental Management
Ifeanyi Chiedo
Petergaye Gilliard
Gbolaan Jibodu
Valentine Kanu
Ruth Muturi

PhD in Environment and Sustainability
Razak Abu
Christopher Gabrielli
Amir Sadeghian
Aimee Schmidt
Bei Yan
Yi Zhou

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Jennifer Thoma
University of Saskatchewan
Media Relations Specialist

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