Emerging threats to freshwater biodiversity

SENS Executive Director Irena Creed has co-authored a paper on new and continuing threats to freshwater ecosystems.

Dr. Irena Creed (PhD) co-authored a paper with numerous scholars from across the globe on the deepening biodiversity crisis in the world's lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

The article, entitled "Emerging threats and persistent conservation challenges for freshwater biodiversity," outlines new and continuing sustainability issues that disproportionately impact freshwater systems.

The scientists involved identified twelve threats to freshwater biodiversity that emerged after 2006 or became even greater problems since that time. 

According to the paper, the effects of these threats "are evidenced for amphibians, fishes, invertebrates, microbes, plants, turtles and waterbirds, with potential for ecosystem‐level changes through bottom‐up and top‐down processes" (abstract). 

The researchers also identify opportunities for managing some of these threats and for increasing conservation.

Read the article here.

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