Hydrology dictates fate of carbon from northern hardwood forests

Prof. Irena Creed, SENS Executive Director, helps to investigate how snowmelt and rainfall impact soil bacteria and carbon exports to the atmosphere.

Prof. Irena Creed, SENS Executive Director, has co-authored an article on the capacity of forest soils to store carbon and how this is impacted by changing hydrology.

EOS Earth & Space Science News has shared this study in a research spotlight. 

Aaron Sidder with EOS outlines the results of this research saying, "The results indicated that hydrologic connectivity between uplands, ecotones (regions of transition), and wetland habitats does indeed control the fate of carbon—both atmospheric and aquatic—in the northern hardwood forest; however, the study unexpectedly found that hydrological connectivity also dictates the magnitude of carbon exported from the ecosystem."

Read more at EOS.

Also, take a look at the original article by Oscar Senar, Kara Webster, and Irena Creed. 

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