SENSSA 2018-19 council members: (clockwise from left) Laila Belkhi, Viktoria Hinz, Peter Friedrichsen, Omar Farag, Alina Ostrowska, Isaac Owolabi, Belizario Carballo, Maria Mora, and Callie Fishburn (not pictured: Yvonne Ruhumbika, Constanza Mora, and Kristen Hargis). Photo by Victoria Schramm.

SENSSA: Student representatives find a home in SENS

“I love SENS because it feels more like a big extended family than a school,” said Viktoria Hinz.

The School of Environment and Sustainability Students’ Association (SENSSA) is an enthusiastic group of SENS students who work to organize student activities and promote sustainability.

Callie Fishburn and Viktoria Hinz are the Health and Wellbeing Representatives for the 2018-19 SENSSA Executive Council. 

Fishburn joined SENS in September as a Master of Environment and Sustainability student. She came to the University of Saskatchewan from her home state of Maryland in the United States. 

“I was excited to join SENSSA because I wanted to get to know more people in SENS, both students and faculty,” said Fishburn. “I’ve really enjoyed working with all of the other SENSSA members.” 

Helping to grow a supportive network within SENS for students is particularly important to her. 

“I love finding new ways to reach out to SENS students about health and well-being,” said Fishburn.

Hinz has been a SENSSA member before, and she was eager to join the council again this year.

“As a grad student, I usually spend my time working on theoretical concepts from behind a desk,” said Hinz. “Being involved with SENSSA is very rewarding because you see the impact of your efforts more directly and tangibly.”

“I like working with SENSSA on things that are important to me and other students,” she added. “Many of us are in the environmental field because we are passionate about making a positive impact and SENSSA allows us to reconnect to that purpose and have an influence within our community.”

Hinz is a PhD student from Germany and she joined SENS in 2015.

“I love SENS because it feels more like a big extended family than a school,” she stated.

“Students can help shape the trajectory of the school more than in other places, which makes you feel taken seriously and like you belong. Also, people are usually very open-minded, innovative, and supportive,” she said.

SENSSA Executive Council 2018-19 having fun together. Photo by Victoria Schramm.
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