Picture of  Douglas A. Clark

Douglas A. Clark PhD Associate Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability

Room 331, Kirk Hall

Research Area(s)

  • Indigenous co-management of resources and ecosystems
  • Polar bear-human conflicts
  • Wildlife and protected area management under conditions of rapid social-ecological change
  • Environmental governance and policy processes

Academic Credentials

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Geography and Environmental Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Master of Science in Zoology, University of Alberta
  • Bachelor of Science (honors, co-op) in Biology, University of Victoria

Selected Publications

Clark, D.A., Brook, R., Oliphant-Reskanski, C., Laforge, M.P., Olson, K. and Rivet, D., 2018. Novel range overlap of three ursids in the Canadian subarctic. Arctic Science5(1), pp.62-70.

Sisneros-Kidd, A.M., Monz, C., Hausner, V., Schmidt, J. and Clark, D., 2019. Nature-based tourism, resource dependence, and resilience of Arctic communities: Framing complex issues in a changing environment. Journal of Sustainable Tourism27(8), pp.1259-1276.

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Bennett, NJ, Roth, R., Klain, SC, Chan, KMA, Clark, D. , Cullman, G., Epstein, G., Nelson, MP, Stedman, R., Teel, TL, Thomas, REW, Wyborn , C., Curran, D., Greenberg, A., Sandlos, J., and Verissimo, D. 2016. Mainstreaming the social sciences in conservation. Conservation Biology , 31 (1): 56-66.  https://doi.org/10.1111/cobi.12788

Teel, TL, Anderson, CB, Burgman, MA, Cinner, J., Clark, D., Estévez, RA, Jones, JP, McClanahan, TR, Reed, MS, Sandbrook, C. and John, FA 2018. Social publishing science research in  Conservation Biology  to move beyond biology. Conservation Biology. 32: 6-8. doi: 10.1111 / cobi.13059