Picture of  Andrew Ireson

Andrew Ireson PhD Associate Professor | Joint Appointment College of Engineering, Department of Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering

Member, Global Institute for Water Security
Master of Water Security Program Coordinator

National Hydrology Research Centre

Research Area(s)

  • Subsurface hydrology
  • Climate change and water security
  • Land-water management and environmental change
  • Sustainable development of natural resources

Selected Publications

Bam, E.K., Ireson, A.M., van der Kamp, G. and Hendry, J.M., 2020. Ephemeral Ponds: Are They the Dominant Source of Depression‐Focused Groundwater Recharge?. Water Resources Research56(3), p.e2019WR026640.

Peterson, A.M., Helgason, W.D. and Ireson, A.M., 2016. Estimating field-scale root zone soil moisture using the cosmic-ray neutron probe. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences20(4), p.1373.

Brannen, R., Spence, C. and Ireson, A., 2015. Influence of shallow groundwater–surface water interactions on the hydrological connectivity and water budget of a wetland complex. Hydrological Processes29(18), pp.3862-3877.

Mekonnen, M.A., Wheater, H.S., Ireson, A.M., Spence, C., Davison, B. and Pietroniro, A., 2014. Towards an improved land surface scheme for prairie landscapes. Journal of Hydrology511, pp.105-116.

Nachshon, U., Ireson, A., Van Der Kamp, G., Davies, S.R. and Wheater, H.S., 2014. Impacts of climate variability on wetland salinization in the North American prairies. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences18(4), p.1251.