School of Environment and Sustainability

Research Area(s)

  • Surface water quality modelling
  • River ice processes
  • Climate change and river morphology
  • Flood and flood risk management

Academic Credentials

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Berlin
  • Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Manitoba

Selected Publications

Lindenschmidt , K.-E. (2020) River ice processes and ice flood forecasting - a guide for practitioners and students . Springer Nature Switzerland AG. 267 pp.  ( Purchase here .)

Lindenschmidt, K.-E., Das, A., Rokaya, P., and Chu, T.  2016.  Ice jam flood risk assessment and mapping. Hydrological Processes, 30: 3754–3769.

Sadeghian, A., de Boehr, D., Hudson, J., Wheater, H., and Lindenschmidt, K.-E.  2015.  Lake Diefenbaker temperature model. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 41(Supplement 2): 8-21.

Akomeah, E., Chun, KP and Lindenschmidt , K.-E.   2015. Dynamic water quality modeling and uncertainty analysis of phytoplankton and nutrient cycles for the upper South Saskatchewan River. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 22 (22): 18239-18251.

Meissner, AGN, Carr, MK, Phillips, ID, and Lindenschmidt , K.-E. 2016. Using a Geospatial Model to Relate Fluvial Geomorphology to Macroinvertebrate Habitat in a Prairie River — Part 1: Genus-Level Relationships with Geomorphic Typologies. Water 8 (2): 42.