School of Environment and Sustainability

Research Area(s)

  • Environmental governance through collective action
  • Tracking and explaining change in commons regimes
  • The migration-environment-development nexus
  • Local approaches to biodiversity conservation

Academic Credentials

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Resources and Environmental Management. University of Manitoba
  • Master of Arts in Environment, Development, and Policy (Distinction). University of Sussex
  • Bachelor of Science in Geography (Honours). University of Liverpool

Selected Publications

D. Klooster and J.P. Robson. 2021. Migration and the commons: Re-commonisation in Indigenous Mexico. In: P.K. Nayak (ed), Making Commons Dynamic: Understanding Change through Commonisation and Decommonisation. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. 

M.G. Reed, J.P. Robson, A. Lindgren, , P. Friedrichsen, T. Brock, I. Davidson-Hunt, G. Lichtenstein, S. Shackleton, L. Vasseur, and H. Worthen. 2020. Foundational principles for intercultural research with Indigenous and rural peoples: Connecting principles to knowledge mobilization. In: Imagining the Future of Knowledge Mobilization: Perspectives from UNESCO Chairs (Chapter 2, pp. 31-50). Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada / Canadian Commission for UNESCO. Ottawa: Canada. 

J.P Robson, S.J. Wilson, C. Mora Sanchez, and A. Bhatt. 2020. Youth and the future of community forestry. Land 9(11): 406.

J.P Robson, F. Sosa Perez, and M. Sanchez Luja. 2019. Exploring youth-forest-community linkages in rural Mexico. World Development Perspectives Vol. 16 (December 2019): 100140.

J.P. Robson, D. Klooster, and J. Hernández-Díaz. 2019. Communities Surviving Migration: Village Governance, Environment, and Cultural Survival in Indigenous Mexico. Abingdon, UK: Routledge/Earthscan.