Max Pospisil (left) and David Ruzicka (right)

Student Research Awards

Two SENS students were recipients of Fish and Wildlife Development Fund awards from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.

Max Pospisil (PhD) and David Ruzicka (MSEM) were each awarded $5,000 from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. 

Working with supersivor MJ Barrett, Max's research is focused on building ethical approaches for wildlife research and co-management that are accessible and applicable to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

David's MSEM project focuses on understanding social tolerance of white-tailed deer in Saskatchewan. His MSEM supervisor is Douglas Clark and his community partner is Allison Henderson, SENS PhD alumna and wildlife ecologist with the Government of Saskatchewan. 

"[Studying the social tolerance of white-tailed deer] isn't something the province has formally studied to date, and will be useful in driving future management decisions," says David. 

More information on the Fish and Wildlife Development Fund Student Research Awards is found here

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