National Graduate Course & International Workshop: Isotope Tracers in Catchment Hydrology

This course runs May 10-14th, 2021, online/live Streamed Registration NOW OPEN.

By SENS Communications


This is both a graduate course and a workshop open to anyone from anywhere.

Registration and details are available at the Global Institute for Water Security (GIWS). 


Graduate Course

This is a condensed graduate course offered for credit and available to any Graduate Student enrolled in a Canadian university, offered by the School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan, as ENVS 828.3.


Location: Online/Live Streamed.

This is a synchronous class, please ensure your time zone will allow you to participate.

Date: May 10 - 14, 2021

Course & Workshop will be exclusively online, live-streamed 9 am-5 pm daily at Central Standard Time (CST/UTC -6, click here to convert to your time zone).


Course Objective

This course will introduce graduate students and researchers to the principles of stable isotope geochemistry applied to catchment hydrology and more broadly, to environmental research in the hydrosphere and biosphere. The course will focus on the measurement, tracing, and linkage of stable isotope tracers in and among hydrologic and biological components of earth system at the catchment scale. We will specifically consider the application of stable isotope investigative tools to a variety of hydrological situations, ranging from water cycle dynamics, runoff processes, bio- and geochemical processes, nutrients and contamination, and isotope ecohydrology. Students will be encouraged to independently explore the interrelated linkages among these systems in the daily assignments.

Graduate students registered for the full 3 credit course will attend the week of lectures and participate in daily assignments. The virtual workshop option is for any student or professional who would benefit from the course content but does not require credit towards a degree program.