Dr. Grant Ferguson (PhD) pictured at a Utah field site where rock outcrops are used by researchers to interpret how groundwater flow systems have evolved over millions of years. (Supplied: Photo by Jen McIntosh)

USask researcher selected as the 2025 Darcy Distinguished Lecturer

University of Saskatchewan (USask) hydrogeology professor Dr. Grant Ferguson (PhD) will be traveling across the globe in 2025 to deliver lectures on innovative groundwater research after being named the National Groundwater Association’s (NGWA) Darcy Distinguished Lecturer.

Ferguson is an accomplished USask professor, holding joint positions in the School of Environment and Sustainability and the department of Civil Geological and Environmental Engineering in the College of Engineering. He is currently Saskatchewan Centennial Enhancement Chair in Groundwater-Energy-Food Nexus at USask, a member of the Global Institute for Water Security (GIWS), and an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona. 

Ferguson’s research examines groundwater resource issues related to energy, regional systems, and deep hydrogeology.  

"Some of the fundamentals of groundwater science that are used around the world were the result of research done in the Canadian Prairies,” said Ferguson. “As we face water scarcity and an energy transition that includes carbon sequestration, lithium production, geothermal energy and managing environmental impacts of oil and gas production, the Prairies is situated to be a leader in groundwater research once again.” 

Ferguson said he is looking forward to bringing local research to a global stage in his role as Darcy Distinguished Lecturer, 

“The Darcy Lecture is an opportunity to bring ideas from Saskatchewan to the world,” he said.  

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