School of Environment and Sustainability

Research Area(s)

  • Mining impacts and metal bioavailability and toxicity in aquatic ecosystems
  • Sediment contamination and associated impacts on benthic invertebrate communities
  • Water quality assessment and derivation of water and sediment quality guidelines
  • Use of autonomous water quality sensor systems for delineating effluent exposure and ecological risk in industrially impacted freshwater systems
  • Pesticide ecotoxicology, particularly pesticide impact on aquatic life

Academic Credentials

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Biology (Aquatic Ecotoxicology), University of Guelph
  • Bachelor of Science in Ecology, University of Guelph

Selected Publications

Peixoto Mendes, M., B. Cupe Flores, B. Panigrahi and K. Liber.  2022.  Application of autonomous sensor technology to estimate selenium exposure and a site-specific selenium threshold in a Canadian boreal lake.  Integr. Environ. Assess. Manage. 19: 395-411.

Gillio Meina, E., S. Niyogi and K. Liber.  2020.  Multiple linear regression modelling predicts the effects of surface water chemistry on acute vanadium toxicity to model freshwater organisms.  Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 39: 1737-1745.

White, K.B. and K. Liber.  2018. Early chemical and toxicological risk characterization of inorganic constituents in surface water from the Canadian oil sands first large-scale end pit lake. Chemosphere 211: 745-757.

Cavallaro, M.C., C.A. Morrissey, J.V. Headley, K.M. Peru and K. Liber.  2017.  Comparative chronic toxicity of imidacloprid, clothianidin, and thiamethoxam to Chironomus dilutus and estimation of toxic equivalency factors. Environ. Toxicol. Chem., 36: 372-382.

Morrissey, C.A., P. Mineau, J.H. Devries, F. Sanchez-Bayo, M. Liess, M.C. Cavallaro and K. Liber. 2015.
Neonicotinoid contamination of global surface waters and associated risk to aquatic invertebrates: A review. Environ. Int. 74: 291-303.