School of Environment and Sustainability

Research Area(s)

  • Exposure and risk assessment modelling
  • Toxicokinetic modelling
  • Aquatic ecotoxicology
  • Mechanistic toxicology
  • Environmental chemistry

Academic Credentials

  • Ph.D. (Biology), RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • M.Sc. (Ecotoxicology), RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • B.Sc. (Biology), RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Selected Publications

Freese, M., Rizzo, L., Pohlmann, J.-D., Marohn, L., Witten, PE, Gremse, F. Rütten, S., Güvener, N., Michael, S., Wysujack, K. , Lammers, T., Kiessling, F., Hollert, H., Hanel, R., Brinkmann, M. (2019) Bone resorption and body reorganization during maturation induce maternal transfer of toxic metals in anguillid eels. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of America (PNAS) 116: 11339-11344.

Brinkmann, M., Barz, B., Carrière, D., Velki, M., Smith, K., Meyer-Alert, H., Müller, Y., Thalmann, B., Bluhm, K., Schiwy, S. (2019) Bioactivation of quinolines in a recombinant estrogen receptor transactivation assay is catalyzed by N-methyltransferases. Chemical Research in Toxicology 32: 698-707.

Brinkmann, M., Schlechtriem, C., Reininghaus, M., Eichbaum, K., Buchinger, S., Reifferscheid, G., Hollert, H., Preuss, T.G. (2016) Cross-species extrapolation of uptake and disposition of neutral organic chemicals in fish using a multispecies physiologically-based toxicokinetic model framework. Environmental Science and Technology 50:1914–1923.

Brinkmann, M. & Koglin, S., Eisner, B., Wiseman, S., Hecker, M., Eichbaum, K., Thalmann, B., Buchinger, S., Reifferscheid, G., Hollert, H. ( 2016) Characterization of transcriptional responses to dioxins and dioxin-like contaminants in roach ( Rutilus rutilus ) using whole transcriptome analysis. Science of the Total Environment 541: 412-423.

Schiwy, A. & Brinkmann, M. , Thiem, I., Guder, G., Winkens, K., Eichbaum, K., Nüßer, L., Thalmann, B., Buchinger, S., Reifferscheid, G., Seiler, T.-B., Thoms, B., Hollert, H. (2015) Determination of the dioxin-like potential of single substances, complex mixtures and environmental samples in the Micro-EROD assay with H4IIE cells. Nature Protocols 10, 1728–1741.