Dr. Strickert (Photo: Submitted)

SENS Student Association announces the 2021 winner of the second annual Student's Choice Outstanding Teacher Award

Dr. Graham Strickert was the student body’s top choice out of eight nominated SENS faculty members.

By Megan Evans

The SENS Student Association (SENSSA) announced this week that Dr. Graham Strickert is the third recipient of the Student’s Choice Outstanding Teacher Award in the School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS). Dr. Maureen Reed and Dr. Jim Robson were both chosen for the inaugural award in 2020.  

One anonymous student in their nomination of Dr. Strickert said, “Graham is phenomenal at giving attention to individual students, promoting conversation, and listening to students instead of always making students listen to him. In a graduate program, while concepts are important, Graham has demonstrated the value of collaboration and communication in learning and gathering a holistic understanding of a topic far beyond what he himself could teach.” 

SENS faculty were quick to chime in that this award is well-deserved, and that both Strickert’s teaching abilities and the way he builds rapport with students set the bar high.  

Outgoing SENSSA president Mostofa Kamal said the awards are a way to recognize the value SENS instructors bring to the quality of education in the School of Environment and Sustainability. “SENSSA applauds the time and dedication that faculty put into their course instruction each year, and this award is a way to recognize these efforts. That we had eight different faculty members nominated shows how many excellent classes and teachers we have here in SENS.” 

Dr. Strickert was pleased to receive the honour, and quick to humbly praise others who have helped him to succeed. “Thank you so much SENS students. This is the greatest honour of my professional life. SENS is very lucky to have such brilliant, engaged, and caring students. You are all making the world a better place. Thank you also to the faculty and many directors who have mentored me along the way. And, a special huge thank you to our staff in SENS who have supported us through such tumultuous times. The school doesn’t work without all of you.”